Publication Fee

Publication Fee

To publish in Journal of Ratchasuda Institute for Research and Development of Persons with Disabilities, authors are required to pay publication fee.

The publication fee for Thai Article is 4,500 baht/paper.

The publication fee for English Article is 4,500 baht/paper.

Please authors transfer payment to Journal’s bank account as detail below


The Siam Commercial Bank, Savings Account: Account no. 026-481302-5

Please attach a proof of payment/transfer slip as well as article submission form (Please download from under topic “Make a Submission (Download Files)”) for issuing the receipt to OR please send email to

The Journal will send the scan of your receipt via email as mentioned in the article submission form. Additionally, to require the original receipt, please specify author’s address in the article submission form, the Journal will send the original receipt via Thailand post accordingly.

There are no refunds or cancellation of publication fee if the article is not accepted by reviewers, editor, or editorial board, or the author withdraws the article from consideration.

Publication fee will be charged in case the article is not accepted by reviewers, editor, or editorial board and the author require to revise and resubmit the article for consideration.