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Daycho Khaenamkhaew
Chettha Muhamad


This article’s objective to study first cause and current changes of Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong. The research found that, Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong is an old boat in the Khiriwong community that was used to sail across the canals to sell items in Khiriwong or exchange products such as mangosteen, durian, rambutan, and betel nut between Khiriwong community, and villages outside Khiriwong community. Until the flood of 1962, which was a natural calamity that resulted in flooding, mudslides, and shallow rivers and canals. This made it impossible to navigate over rivers and canals. As a result, the inhabitants of Khiriwong sold Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong to all strangers. A road to the Khiriwong community was also constructed. The volume of traffic and transit across the canals is steadily decreasing as they become more contemporary and convenient. It made a shift, specifically, from the traditional Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong or Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong excursions stopped, leaving only the transfer of Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong community during the annual Khiriwong community event. By taking Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong into the canals to seek Mae Yanang's blessings following the rite, members of the Khiriwong community gather for a feast. They transported Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong to Nakhon Si Thammarat Province's Wat Khiriwong Lan Saka District. This was to allow Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong to become a model for proving the presence of Ruea Nuea in Khiri Wong culture in the past through the process of knowledge transfer in a number of ways. The material is up to date in terms of recognizing the worth and participation of all sectors.


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