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ก.สินศักดิ์ สุวรรณโชติ
นพรัตน์ ไชยชำนิ
วิภาวรรณ ชะอุ่ม เพ็ญสุขสันต์
วันดี สุทธรังสี
ภาวดี เหมทานนท์


The objective of this article to present about guidelines for caring the elder with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia that emphasize participation of professional and family caregivers. Which aims to improve the quality of life in the elderly with dementia in 4 aspects, 1) the physiology that focuses on self – care, especially in daily activities 2) psychological aspects that concerned about the peace of mind in the elder 3) social aspects that considered having activities with their children and talking with friends of same age, and   4) Environmental aspects that focusing on received welfare from the government for caring for the elderly. However, caring the elder that used more power and effected psychology, the cost of care, etc., The guideline for caregivers to take care themself for as follows: 1) modify ideas and strategies of thinking 2) balance between the role of caregiver and daily life 3) caring of one's mind 4) take care of physical health 5) having social activities with the elderly 6) understanding communicate with family members.


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สุวรรณโชติก., ไชยชำนิน., ชะอุ่ม เพ็ญสุขสันต์ว., สุทธรังสีว., & เหมทานนท์ภ. (2019). PROMOTING THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF THE ELDERLY WITH BEHAVIORAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOMS OF DEMENTIA. Journal of MCU Nakhondhat, 6(8), 3729-3744. Retrieved from
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