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กันยาวีร์ สัทธาพงษ์


Thai society in globalization accept materialism and consumerism as a law of living are changing. Activating the conscience of good mental by awareness of the word "giving & sharing". When Thai society has the good will to each other with the basics of love, kindness which bring the peace back to the society. It is said that "love" is the basis of morality, virtue of good people make themselves succeed in the act of intent. It makes them memorable in the goodness that he created that is Buddhist doctrines Saraniyadhamma VI and when we get the right philosophy in the globalization era that is postmodern philosophy. It accepts the good things from variety theories of knowledge by using judgement under process of interpretation with hermeneutics by the tool of fusion of horizons theory to find the same concept, respect different idea, get connection point which pass the process of analysis, synthesis, criticism with the concept of dialogue and change opinion together to find the link of similarity among differences by reconciliation. Human beings in society should practice their minds to respect the other thoughts and accept their opinions willingly. To express respect for human rights and dignity of others to build the atmosphere of cooperation apply with Buddhist doctrines Saraniyadhamma VI which is the basis of living with right view that help to reduce conflict and strengthen harmony. It makes others keep one in mind which is molded into the heart that think, speak and do the goodness. Humility is the virtue that promotes gentleness but strengthens the mind. In addition, giving and sharing are the primary virtue that disintegrate the hold of fixation by accepting other help. When the recipient feels grateful for those help and the giver also feel happy too when see the recipient is happy. It is a community where people think good, do good, think to benefit of others, it is a virtuous society which realizes in its goodness. This good will gradually change the struggling society to the cooperation society. Virtue of Saraniyadhamma VI Along with the postmodern philosophy give the benefits to mankind. It makes this virtuous society is full of people who think well in all of good, act with good heart, strictly moral in not thinking of hurting others but ready to help with sharing when see the others are in trouble which bring happiness and peace to society.


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สัทธาพงษ์ก. (2019). HERMENEUTICS: SCIENCE OF INTERPRETATION OF POSTMODERN PHILOSOPHY WITH SARANIYADHAMMA VI TO REINFORCE VIRTUOUS SOCIETY. Journal of MCU Nakhondhat, 6(1), 1-16. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/JMND/article/view/177686
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