Passenger perspective of satisfaction in LCC in Don Mueang Airport, Thailand


  • Chavakit Ketjutarat CATC


Passenger, Satisfaction, Don Mueang Airport


         The objectives of this paper derived from this paper’s research are as follows: (1) to determines customer satisfaction towards service quality and company image offered by LCC Thailand. And (2) to determines the correlation and significance of the said correlation between company image and service quality (regarding customer satisfaction) delivered by low-cost carrier management.  The research methods are divided into 2 major categories: quantitative research and qualitative research. The service quality of the ground staff Low-cost carrier by using qualitative research and quantitative by observing and interviews with crises arising from airline ground staff. The research questionnaire applied for Thai Lion Air, Nok Air, and Thai Air Asia 200 passengers. The applied theory research SERQUAL which is divided into 5 areas which are 1) Responding to service recipients (Responsiveness) 2) Assurance to the clients (Assurance) 3) The tangibility of the service (Tangibles) 4) Understanding and empathy in the client (Empathy) and 5) Reliability (Reliability). The researches found that Ground staff services have 5 areas which are 1) plane ticket sales, 2) check-in services, 3) boarding services at the gate, 4) airport parking area services, and 5) airport services. When analyzed with SERVQUAL to measure the service quality of low-cost airlines, it has been found that service at the point ticket sales requires further improvement with respect to service quality provided to customers. From the survey of 200 passengers claims that some of This ‘failure’ lies in an inability to communicate in English to the fullest capacity for passengers. While providing services at the check-in point, staff should be better prepared when providing service recipients, the knowledge and understanding they require; attention to the passenger’s needs is paramount, especially paying attention to the necessity and passenger benefits in the event of seat selection and providing assurance to clients. Although ground staff have quality service, high in reliability, empathy and responsiveness, they have low service quality when considering the provision of confidence towards the clients, assurance and tangibles. As stated, the purpose of this paper’s findings is to ascertain passenger satisfaction and assess what passengers need. Airlines must collect the information to investigate the problem that the airlines may have caused the customer to experience, the expense of delayed service and avoid repeating it in the future.


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