Policy guidelines of Drought Management According to Approaches of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation


  • Khwanjai Pueynongkae
  • Phakdee Phosing
  • Sanya Kenaphoom


Policy guidelines, management, drought, disaster prevention and mitigation


The drought problem is a problem that both government agencies and relevant agencies are aware of as the top priorities. However, the drought may directly and indirectly affect other problems. For agencies responsible for drought management is the "Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation". Consequently, in order to be the policy management guidelines leads to efficiency and effectiveness, this article aims to present the drought management policy in accordance with the disaster prevention and mitigation guidelines. The analyzed results found that; (1) The drought management process includes (a) making the plans of development national disaster prevention and mitigation, (b) arranging the research to find measures for disaster prevention and mitigation, (c) creating the database of risk areas, safety areas and disaster statistics, (d) operating, coordinating operations, providing support and assistance to government agencies, (e) relieving for victims or those injured or injured, (f) advising, consulting and training about disaster prevention and mitigation, and (g) monitoring, inspecting, and evaluating the operations. (2) The policy management principles consist of (a) Integrated policy management, (b) developing an alarm communication system, (c) creating the public sector participation, (d) developing the good governance system for management, (e) set out a policy framework that aims to meet the needs, and (f) the holistic protection policy framework.


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