The housewife group’s participation in promoting chili paste products of Phai Kho Don village, Phai Kho Don sub-district, Mueang district, Phitsanulok province


  • Rungrote Faiyuea วิทยาลัยการจัดการเเละพัฒนาท้องถิ่น มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏพิบูลสงคราม
  • Sirirak Santhit


Participation, Housewife Group, Promotion of Chili Paste Product, Phai Kho Don at Village Number 4


The research aimed to study a situation of the management of chili paste product group at Phai Kho Don village, village number 4, Phai Kho Don sub-district, Mueang district, Phitsanulok and to increase their income, which could assist each one to perceive being a member of the group, including to lead to a sustainable career and to support economy and society. This was a participatory action research, which was conducted with 23 members of the group and a group of the researchers, students, local government officers. The data was collected by group interview and observation, which could assist the researchers to find problems, obstacles, group’s need. The findings were found as followings; 1) As for lack of knowledge for developing the product, the package should be changed from a plastic bag to a kind of little plastic bowl with a logo. And 2) As for marketing and distribution, the local government organization could promote the product as an excellent one of the sub-district and increase channels for distribution via online network. According the cooperation between the researchers and the woman group, it could find the better ways to set up the group of chili paste products to strengthen economy and society in the community.


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