The Preparedness for Life Security After Retirement of Bank Employee


  • Nuttarkit Bhavabhutananda Na Mahasarakama Burapha University
  • Somrit Yodsomsak


The Preparedness for Life Security, Life After Retirement, The Preparedness for Retirement, The Bank Employee


            The objectives of this research are to study the preparedness for life security after retirement of bank employees, to study the factors that influence the level of preparedness, and to present the preparedness guidelines.  The sample group used in this study are divided into 2 groups which are: 1) the bank employees in the eastern region of Thailand, 410 samples, and 2) the in-depth interviewees who are the groups of executives and employees, 11 persons. The research instruments were questionnaires and interview forms. The qualitative data used were analyzed via contents based on the study points.

          The results of the research showed that 1) the majority of bank employees had a high level of overall preparedness, 2) social support factors, attitudes towards preparedness, and problems/obstacles in preparedness, all have a positive influence on the preparedness for life security after the retirement of bank employees with statistical significance at the level of .05, and 3) The approach to preparedness is that government offices should take mandatory measures for the labor system to save more money , should have a policy instilling an awareness of the importance of saving, knowing long-term planning, and should promote savings through life insurance or health insurance funds with more tax benefits.


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