The Case of Human Rights Violations Against Munir Who Has Never Found the Bright Spot


  • Novia Hidayah Kartika
  • ศิวัช ศรีโภคางกุล College of Local Administration, Khon Kaen University
  • Awan Setia Dharmawan


Human Rights, Law and Government


          Munir was a human right activist who was born in Malang, East Java. Munir died on board when Munir left for the Netherlands with the aim of studying for his Master’s degree. The goal was to continue his master degree majoring in in law and update his knowledge so that his jurisprudence is always beneficial to others. Munir was always able to solve his cases and there were many cases of human rights violations that were defended and succeeded. Friends and former enemies were amazed by Munir because he was a good figure aside of Munir’s handling his case. Unfortunately the case itself has not yet been given a bright spot like how Munir died, what was the guise the murder, who actually killed was not yet clear. Research is descriptive and tends to use analysis. The process and meaning (subject perspective) is more highlighted in qualitative research. The theoretical foundation is used as a guide so that the focus of research is in accordance with the facts in the field. Besides this theoretical foundation is also useful to provide a general description of the research background and as a material discussion of research results. There is a fundamental difference between the role of the theoretical foundation in quantitative research with qualitative research. In quantitative research, research departs from theory to data, and ends in acceptance or rejection of the theory used; whereas in qualitative research the researcher departs from the data, utilizes existing theories as explanatory material, and ends with a "theory. Using the theory of social movements which are safeguarded by this theory is that there are actions in the common interest, such as organization. Organizations are shared interests that are safeguarded by Munir. Munir refers to actions to defend human rights in the common interest, which in the Munir act, there was a movement to defend the workers and defend those who did not get justice.


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