Attitudes of Japanese people towards the USA Military Bases in Japan

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Sutpratana Duangkaew
Krongchan Chantharaphaha


This study aims to examine the conflict caused by the USA military bases in Okinawa and analyses the factors that differentiated the attitudes of the native Okinawans from those of mainland Japanese. Data was collected by online survey using 158 questionnaires from 17 March to 16 June 2021. The majority of the participants were female with an average age of 38-year-old and had bachelor’s degree education. Among the participants, 55.06% were mainland Japanese, whereas 44.94% of Okinawans. The survey outcome showed the contrary attitudes of mainland Japanese and Okinawan regarding the USA military base in Okinawa. The significant differences in behavior on the USA military base in Okinawa were “Have you ever talked with people from Okinawa about the US military base?” While different attitude on the security and USA military base was “Do, you agree that Okinawa people are really against the USA military base in Okinawa?” The level of non-similarity that occurred between Mainland Japan and Okinawa follows factors in descending order, including history, economy, culture and tradition, geography, and local government. Hence, this issue needs more attention and discussion from the central government and the local people to resolve the conflict.


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