The linkage of cross-border basic education for the Cambodian students studying in the Thai-Cambodian border schools

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Teeradej Chai-Aroon
Supathida Siriwong
Nutchanat Nakkham


The objectives of this research were; 1) to study the current situation on education in the Thai – Cambodia border at Khlong Yai district, Trat province, and 2) to study the pattern and approach used for the cross-border education between Thailand and Cambodia. This mixed-methods research was undertaken at Khlong Yai district, Trat province, Thailand and Mondol Seima, Kaoh Kong province, Cambodia. Data collection used in this research included interview, questionnaire, and focus-group discussion with many groups of stakeholders. The major findings were; 1) Cambodian families are living in all sub-district but of Khlong Yai but most of them are live in Had Lek sub-district, 2) The Cambodian student behaviors were more appropriate and well-developed. Many of them have become the leaders which contributed in the school performance, 3) At least 70% of the Cambodian students intend further their study in Thailand either at the junior high school level of above, 4) Reasons why students intend to pursue higher level of education included having an opportunity for better job and higher income, supporting family and chance to acquire Thai nationality respectively, 5) Cambodian families in Thailand, although they were concerned about economic uncertainly for their families, they are agree on the important of education and ready to support their child to get to the higher education level, 6) For the cross-border education program, it was found that there was the agreement between Thai and Cambodia government that would allow students from Cambodia to travel across the Thai – Cambodia border to study at Thai school in the primary level. In the secondary education, however, there were different types of cross-border education activities such as sport competition, language test competition, teachers exchange, and language teaching, etc.


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