Youth fantasy fiction and its journey of literary importation into Thailand through translation in the 2000s

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Koraya Techawongstien


At the dawn of the 2000s, youth fantasy fiction was widely circulated around the globe, and Thailand was one of the countries to participate in this trend of phenomenal enthusiasm of youth fantasy fiction. The objectives of this paper are to explore the influx of translated youth fantasy fiction in Thailand from 2000 to 2010, the phenomenal enthusiasm of youth fantasy fiction, and the impact of the translated youth fantasy fiction on the fields of Thai youth fiction and Thai literature. Through Bourdieu’s sociological lens and Even-Zohar’s polysystem theory, this paper reveals that the introduction of youth fantasy fiction has brought about numerous impacts to the field of youth fiction in Thailand, including the emergence of a new youth fantasy fiction sub-field, the strengthening of the field of Thai youth fiction and the reproduction of aspects of fantasy fiction by Thai writers. However, the obvious impacts that the surge of youth fantasy fiction had on the field of Thai literature were not as strong as the impacts felt by the field of youth fantasy fiction, especially due to the fields’ structures and their operating dynamic.

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