Overcoming the Economic Crisis through Financial Capital

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Shinasak Suwan-achariya


The objective of this article was aimed to examine the economic crisis solutions based on financial capital and to analyze the release from the economic crisis through the technology infrastructure transformation. Methodologically, analysis of economic data was performed using numerical comparison in the economic cycle, finding causes and effects to explain, and the category precision in economics was used to analyze economic phenomena. The scope of the study covers the 1970-2021 US economic data.

The results showed that the only way to overcome the economic crisis in the condition of declined efficiency in capital return and an abundant accumulated capital requires the innovative technology infrastructure transformation with the investment in more advanced technical elements that are potential to hedge the risks to investors, market expansion, and demand and purchasing power simulation, thereby resulting in the confidence in the US currency. In such a situation, trade zones by regional financial zones (yuan, rubles, euros, etc.) is proposed to the Thai economy to reduce the risk of crisis of reduced capital efficiency and a suitable period for long-term investment in commercial scientific and technical advances.


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