Clustering of Jewellery Purchasing Behaviour through Social Network

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Studying of clustering of jewellery purchasing behaviour through social network in Bangkok by collecting data from a sample of 400 people and analysing the segmentation by K-Means Clustering. segmentation is an analytical method that is currently not used in Thailand but is an effective method that can be used to analyse Big data, which allows the group of consumers to be divided into 2 groups, which are unique in each group. Group 1: the group can pay if like. Do not like to leave the media. Most of them are people aged between 35-45 years with higher education levels. Monthly income is in the range of 30,001-45,000 baht. Occupation is a business owner. Have a distinctive personality and like society Have a family life style Often do not show preference on social networks (press like, share, follow) and group 2: the group likes to buy less but often Most of them are people between the ages of 25-34 years with a bachelor's degree. Monthly income is in the range of 15,000-30,000 baht. Occupation is a private employee. Have a distinctive personality and like society. Have a way of life seeking fun Often expressing preferences on social networks (like, share, follow), paying attention, opinions, influencers (eg celebrities, blockers) in making jewellery buying decisions. The study results will help to divide the market into segments (segment) beneficial to the target market determination, marketing strategy and online marketing.


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