Factors affecting modern entrepreneurs of new entrepreneurs in the hospitality and tourism industry

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Surakiat Tadawattanawit


This research aimed to study the components and factors affecting entrepreneurship of students and new entrepreneurs in the Thai hospitality and tourism industry. The data was collected from 539  students who conduct business during their studies and new entrepreneurs who have run their business not more than 3 years. The sample was randomized using stratified samplings divided the sample’s status as a student and new entrepreneur. The research tool was a questionnaire consisting of an assessment of modern entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, and transformational leadership. The data was analyzed using the inferential statistics which analyzed the confirmatory factor and structural equation models. The findings were as follows: 1) There were 10 components of the modern entrepreneurs after modifying the mode such as job autonomy, innovativeness, proactiveness, competitiveness, risk management, need for achievement, internal locus of control, market orientation, create functional partnership, and technology utilization. 2) The factors of entrepreneurship education significantly affected the modern entrepreneurship of students and new entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry at the .01 level. This research benefited to students and new entrepreneurs in the hospitality and tourism industry perceiving the components of modern entrepreneurship to use as the data to develop further issues, and the educational institutions in the service industry and tourism obtained the information to use as a guidelines  of development of  curriculum, the creation of projects or activities to develop modern entrepreneurship responding to the country's development strategy. Besides, the business organization sector obtained the  information for developing modern entrepreneurship for the personnel in the organization and the entrepreneurs themselves.


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)


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