Service Quality and Satisfaction of Foreign Students with Educational Services of Khon Kaen University

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Supapong Yanpaisan


The objective of this research was to study service quality factors affecting the satisfaction of foreign students towards educational services of Khon Kaen University. In this study, SERVQUAL scale was used to measure educational service quality. Five elements of SERVQUAL consist of 1) tangibility, 2) reliability, 3) responsiveness, 4) assurance, and 5) empathy. The sample of this study was 165 foreign undergraduate students of Khon Kaen University in the academic year 2018. Five-scale rating questionnaire was used as a research instrument. The instrument was validated to determine the validity using Index of Item – Objective Congruence. The validity of the questionnaire was in a range of 0.67-1.00. Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient was considered to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. The reliability was 0.86. Data were analyzed using statistics including mean, standard deviation and Multiple Regression Analysis (Enter Selection)

              The results of this research indicated that there were three service quality factors that can predict the satisfaction of foreign students (y), namely tangibility (x1), responsiveness (x2), and empathy (x3) with a predictive power of 59 % and a predictive error of ± 0.37, which can create a regression equation below:

              y = 2.47 + 0.27 x1 + 0.11 x2 + 0.09 x3


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