Guidelines on Promotion to Standard Thai Rubber Factory Establishment of Farmer in Surat Thani

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ณัชชารีย์ ทวีหิรัญรัฐกิจ


This research is part of a study on the economic possibility on block rubber factory established for the farmer in Surat Thani Province.The aims of this research is to study rubber production and sale including group attendance opinion and the readiness to establish Thai standard rubber factories.; and to study guidelines on promotion to standard Thai rubber factory establishment of farmer in Surat Thani. The questionnaires are distributed to the farmer in 6 districts where are the most planted area.Data was analyzed by using frequency and percenage, including synthetic analysis. The research results found that participated farmers plant rubber trees. They earn their average income 27,781 baht per month. The planted areas are 25.21 firai, which are their own land. Sources of investment are their own finances. The latex rubber is sold to local merchants. Most of the farmers are not rubber factory memberships, but they agree to support the establishment of the factory. The results also show that information about the establishment and processing transformation rubber should be promoted, including its benefits of establishing standard Thai rubber factory to encourage the production of rubber cup lump.


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