Happiness and Working Motivation of Workers in Suratthani Abstract Boonrirk Boonkong

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บุญฤกษ์ บุญคง


This research aims to study the level of happiness, level of motivation of workers, to compare happiness levels distinguished by personal factors and study the relationship between motivation levels and happiness levels in working time of workers Muang District, Suratthani. Data were collected using a questionnaire with the Cronbach’s reliability of 0.97, with 400 people by accidental sampling method. Statistics for data analysis were percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-testing, Analysis of variance, Pearson coefficient statistics. The results show that the overall level of happiness and each aspect are at the high level: kindness; moral; social; knowledge; family; health; relaxation; and financial. The motivation level overall and for each aspect is at a high level. Fundamental factors aspect overall and for each aspect are at the high level such as the relationships between colleagues, policy, and administration. The influence factors overall and for each aspect are at high levels such as successful in their work, responsibility, interesting careers, respect from colleagues and progress in duty. The Individual differences effect on the level of happiness overall was statistically significant at 0.05. For the motivation in working correlated with overall happiness at work of people of working age in Muang District, Suratthani all the relationships were in a positive direction at moderate level with statistically significanceat 0.05.


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