Examining the Model of Information Needs on Mobile Devices: Massage-Spa Therapy Context

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This study investigates the appropriate model to explain the international tourists’ needs in massage-spa therapy information. The study focuses on mobile information services. The proposed model is developed based on the Technology Acceptance Model or TAM which is well-known among international IT academics. The study employs self-administered questionnaire to collect data from 422 international tourists at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The SmartPLS Program is employed for measurement analysis and structural analysis. The results show that TAM is not the appropriated model to explain the factors of international tourists’ information needs in massage-spa therapy context at the significant level .05, due to the Perceived Usefulness is not an important factor of information needs. Furthermore, the MI-TAM or proposed model are demonstrated that it can explain the factors of international tourists’ information needs better than TAM in massage-spa therapy (α=.05)


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