Development of Marketing Channel and Creating Value Added of One Tambon One Product in Khok Mang Ngoi Subdistrict, Khon Sawan District, Chaiyaphum


  • Umawadee Detthamrong Faculty of Business Administration, Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University
  • Dasarinpat Suthamdee Faculty of Political Science, Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University


Marketing channel development, Value added, One Tambon One Product


The objectives of this research were (1) to study the model of marketing channels of One Tambon One Product and (2) to develop the marketing channels and creating value added of One Tambon One Product in Khok Mang Ngoi Subdistrict, Khon Sawan district, Chaiyaphum.  The qualitative research was conducted with one group, appliance and decorate entrepreneur of purposive sampling key-informants of Ban Nong No Noi reed mat community enterprise. The semi-structured interview was conducted using questions with a correspondence index value of 1.00. The results revealed that the current marketing channel of Ban Nong No Noi reed mat community enterprise has only offline channel through trade expo and retail selling at firm. Therefore, in order to create the ability to compete in the current situation, there is a guideline for develop marketing channels and creating value added of product via online marketing channel using Facebook page as the main channel to communicate with target customers. Moreover, there are two approaches to create value added of the product were (1) upgrading the quality of the product and (2) product processing.


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