Challenges of Communities among the Modernization Development


  • ทิพย์สุดา พุฒจร Community Management Program, Faculty of Management Sciences, Silpakorn University, Phetchburi IT campus


Modernization development, hallenge of community



              The process of globalization causes modernization to spread throughout the world. World citizens aim to change from developing to developed. At present, the worlds superpowers which are the model of modern development have faced the economic crisis. Many countries are severely affected. Consequently, Thailand established the National Economic and social development Plan Volume 11, putting emphasis on creating immunity for rapid change in economic and social aspects both domestically and internationally. Communities are now facing three important challenges: 1) choosing between denial and acceptance of development from the government, 2) developing themselves to become a successful community like others, and 3) strengthening themselves. If communities can forecast their own future and control their development, the communities will be stronger and can create a balance between maintaining their original existence and accepting the new things. These will lead to sustainable community development.


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