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นริศ แก้วสีนวล
ชูศักดิ์ เอกเพชร
วันชัย ธรรมสัจการ



        The purposes of this study were to investigate the development of an academic administrative model in public vocational education colleges. This research consisted of 2 stages. Stage one was the study of the components related to the academic administration. The data was derived from a study of related literature and research, and the interviews with 48 college administrators and teachers from 4 successful colleges. The data were analyzed using content analysis. Stage two was a development of an academic administration model by drafting a model and evaluating the propriety and feasibility of the draft by 30 experts. Then, an operational manual using the academic administration model was written and was evaluated by 10 experts. Collected data were analyzed to find out the median and inter- quartile range.

The research findings were as follows:

1. The components of academic administration in public vocational education colleges were 1) instructional leadership, 2) participation in academic administration, 3) the development of academic team in educational institutes, 4) the process of academic administration with the concept of balanced scorecard in educational institutes and 5) mission and academic administration framework.

2. The academic administration model in public vocational education colleges consisted of 5 major components, 26 sub-components and 141 indicators. The result of the model assessment revealed that the average level of the propriety of the model was very high and The average level of feasibility of the model was high The operational manual consisted of 7 parts: 1) introduction, 2) how to implement the model, 3) the model, 4) the implementation of the model, 5) the role of the personnel, 6) criteria for the evaluation of the model, and 7) an evaluation form. The average level of propriety of the operational manual was high.


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