Responses to the Uniqueness of Garland Sellers

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ณรงค์ศักดิ์ เพ็ชรรักษ์
มณฑนา พิพัฒน์เพ็ญ
วันชัย ธรรมสัจการ


     This study focused on the understanding of uniqueness of garland sellers. On the one hand, society viewed garland sellers with negative perspectives. These perspectives in particular resulted in distortion of true meaning of garland sellers. This study employs an autobiographical and self narrative approach to investigate self-narrative as self-identity construction and as construction of new series of knowledge about garland sellers in society. The results of the study reflect that the meanings and values of garland sellers do not emerge by themselves but are rather built under the action of knowledge in the capitalist society that places emphasis mainly on economic benefits but overlooks ways of life, values and dignity of human beings. As a result, garland sellers are with negative meanings.


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