A Synthesis of Comparative Research on Chinese - Thai Language in CNKI Database of China

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Onkanya Rojanawanichkij


     This study aims to survey and codify the content in Chinese -Thai comparative studies through the data retrieved from CNKI China’s database. The data was collected from master’s theses, doctoral dissertations and academic articles retrieved in May 2018. The researcher reviewed previous studies by using
汉泰对比 as the key words (comparative studies of Chinese and Thai) in CNKI database. After that only related studies were selected. The findings revealed 205 Chinese-Thai comparative studies including 130 masters theses (63.41%), 66 academic articles (32.20%) and 9 doctoral dissertations (4.39%). The focused contents were vocabulary (46.34%), grammar (40.98%), translation and communication (10.24%), and pronunciation (2.44%). The findings suggest that Chinese-Thai comparison was most conducted by master’s students with the focus on vocabulary.


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