The Journal of Politics and Governance (JOPAG) is a peer-reviewed publication that is open-access and issued triannually by the College of Politics and Governance, which is affiliated with Mahasarakham University in Thailand. JOPAG is dedicated to encompassing an extensive range of disciplines, including political science, public administration, international relations, and other related fields as defined by UNESCO's International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED). It is highly encouraged that authors submit articles that predominantly focus on the Indo-Pacific region. By promoting the active participation of scholars from various regions, JOPAG aims to establish an active and inclusive international forum for the dissemination of knowledge and ideas.

        The Journal of Politics and Governance, which made its print debut in 2010 and launched its online platform in 2013, had been publishing articles in both Thai and English in both print and online formats. However, starting the second issue of 2023, the journal ceased printing physical copies, making only the online version available. Furthermore, from issue 1, year 2024, the journal exclusively publishes articles in English.

           Publisher: College of Politics and Governance (COPAG), Mahasarakham University

           Publication scheduled: Three yearly

                    Issue 1: January - April

                    Issue 2: May-August 

                    Issue 3: September – December

          ISSN 2697-3790 (Online)

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           Associate Professor Dr. Sanyarat Meesuwan

           College of Politics and Governance, Mahasarakham University,

           Khamraing, Katarawichai, Mahasarakham 44150, Thailand
           Tel. +6643754317

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Vol. 14 No. 1 (2024): January – April 2024

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