Journal's Aims

1. To publish quality academic and research works that will contribute to the development of new theories or a new body of knowledge, not to mention the applicability to real-life issues in the political  science or other related fields.
 2. To provide an academic service the society in the form of a forum for scholarly exchanges among scholars, researchers, students and the general public in the field of political l sciences or other related fields .

Journal's Scope

To publish academic articles,  research articles, or book reviews in Thai or English in the field of political science or other related fields.

Peer Review Process

The journal’s editor will have the first initial review of submitted manuscript. If appropriate, two peer reviewers will be identified to evaluate the content and quality of the submitted manuscript. Double blind peer review is practiced. If the opinions from the two reviewers conflict, the submitted manuscript will be sent to another reviewer before final decision is made. The author will be notified of the results. The evaluation reports are also enclosed for the author to undertake revisions. The editor will evaluate the revised paper again to ensure the integrity of the manuscript.

The editors will check accuracy before publishing book reviews. 

Publication Frequency

        Three issues are published a year in printed and online version.
                    Issue 1 : January - April 
                    Issue 2 : May -August  
                    Issue 3 : September – December 

Print ISSN    : 2228-8562

E-ISSN : 2697-3790