Factors Affecting the Operation of the Sub-district Administrative Organization for local Organic Agriculture development in the Border Area of Surin Province

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         This research are mixeds method . The objectives, (1) To study the factors affecting the operation of the sub-district administrative organization for local organic agriculture development (2) To study the level of people's participation the organic agriculture project (3) To study the local development approach in organic in the border area of Surin province, 3 places. The subdistrict administrative organization Tamyung, Phanom Dong Rak. The subdistrict administrative organization Dan, Kap Choeng. The subdistrict administrative organization Charat, Buachet, Surin province. The target groups were the administrators and staff of the sub-district administrative organization, the organic agriculture propulsion committee, leaders and people's representatives, totaling 384 people. The tools used for data collection were interview, questionnaires, and focus group with 15 keyinformants. Quantitative analysis by computer program, percentage, mean and standard deviation. Qualitative was analyzed by grouping and synthesized. The results showed that; 1. Factors affecting the operation of the sub-district administrative organization for local development in organic agriculture in the border areas of Surin province. It was found that the overall level was at a high level, with an average of 4.47 considering each aspect, it was found that the opinions were at the highest level: management was appropriate (mean 4.64), followed by an average at the level of the most were budget (mean 4.48), personnel, operators (mean 4.42), and techniques, methods and tools are appropriate (mean 4.35). 2. The level of people's participation in the organic farming project of the sub-district administrative organization in the border area of Surin province found that the overall participation was at a high level (mean 4.33). The considering each item, it was found that sub-district administrative organization gives an opportunity to participate in the implementation or to participate in activities and projects. The highest level (mean 4.74), followed by participation in benefit treatment (mean 4.58), problem analysis (mean 4.42), planning and decision making (mean 4.40), participating in monitoring and evaluation (mean 3.50) 3. The approaches for local development in organic agriculture of sub-district administrative organizations in border areas Surin province. The develop leaders and staff organic agriculture network groups, developing curriculum or participatory activities projects. The exchange of knowledge and practice in accordance with the local context, such as the fundamentals of production water management, techniques, methods. The innovative tools to improve production quality and create added value for organic agricultural products, marketing systems, including upgrading technology to community.


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