The Effect of Politics Reconciliation after President Election 2019 to Democratization in Indonesia

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ศิวัช ศรีโภคางกุล


The general election is not only a forum or a means to appreciate the voice of the people who are free in choosing their leaders, but also as a forum for the people to assess their leaders and if the performance of the leaders is poor, they are ready to be punished. Therefore, with the general election, the people can select their dreamers who are members of the people's representative body and officials who occupy other government positions. For this reason, this general election shows that its ability is to translate the notion of democracy and also the sovereignty of the people in a country. Political reconciliation is not only important among the elites, but also supporters who have strong fanaticism and political affection. The effects arising from the reconciliation between the two presidential candidates have an impact above and below, where the above here is intended for the government and below is the community.This community gathering emphasizes the importance of the involvement of all parties in the State to always maintain national political stability and also maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.


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