Participation for Career Promotion of the Elderly by Adopting Local Wisdom on Herb Pickled Fish Food Product

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Duanpenporn Chaiphakdee


         The objectives of this research were 1) to study the context of the community that has been produced Pickled Fish, 2) to study the pattern of career enhancement for the elderly by adopting the wisdom of Herbal Pickled fish producing, 3) to find ways to promote careers for the elderly and 4) to suggest the policy of creating a career for the elderly. Participatory action research was conducted in the qualitative research. Target groups were 30 elderly and Herbal Pickled fish producing groups. Data were collected by interviewing, group discussion and field recording. The research found that; 1) Community conditions in Chaiyaphum province containing the Pickled Fish with the following context 1.1) Water source 1.2) Community/Groups leaders 1.3) Continuing learning activities in the community 1.4) Helping members of the group focus on their career 1.5) self-producing Pickled Fish 2) Model for enhancing the elderly occupation by using processed wisdom of food products — herbal pickled fish, Have learning activities Driving the career of the elderly to success consists of 2.1) Participation 2.2) Interest 2.3) Network 2.4) Support 2.5) Self-directed 6.Socail Learning by PINSSS Model 3) Guidelines for creating careers for the elderly from the processing of herbal pickled fish products found that the government sector, community, seek marketing channels that facilitates the elderly to have a career to reduce dependency from the state. 4) Policy recommendations for career creation methods for the elderly found that the information center should be constructed to facilitate job creation and occupation to increase the income of the elderly. In addition, there should be a convenient place for the sale of herbal pickled fish and the state should allocate subsidies to set up a career group for the elderly in a free cost.


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