The Development of The Melodian Intruction set Based on the comcept of Kodaly for Student in Primary Khoksumran School Nakhonratchasima

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Thanan Khanthayot
Sayam Chuangprakhon


         The purpose of the article is: 1) The development of The melodian intruction set based on the comcept of Kodaly.For student in primary khoksumran school Nakhonratchasima. To be effective not less than 80/80. 2) To compare the skills in the practice of melodious. Students learn before and after school with a melodian instructional package. The target audience used in this experiment. primary students in the first semester of academic year 2018, Khoksamran School Pak Thong Chai The samples were purposively sampled for 10 hours. The instruments used in this study were the melodian instructional package based on the concept of calendula. A lesson plan for learning how to teach a lesson in Meditation with a teaching method for grade 2 for 10th grade students and 10 hours for a lesson plan. Statistics used in data analysis were percentage, mean, standard deviation and hypothesis testing. Use comparative analysis of skills to practice melodian instruments. The t-test (t-test for Dependent Samples) was used as a guideline for the study.   Findings are as follows:  1) The constructed instructional package was 82.63 / 84.58, higher than the target of 80/80 students. Improved knowledge and understanding. 2) Students have skills in performing melodian instruments. After learning more than before. There was a statistically significant difference at .05 level between the pre-test and post-test scores at the .05 level 87.00 Summary of this research. The melodian instruction set is based on the concept of Goddess. Efficient and effective. Can be used to teach students. For students to achieve the objectives.


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