Promotion and Conservation of Manohra Performing Arts by the Local Government Organization in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

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Rungthip Suwansathit
Krissana Waisamruad


         The article is aims to present the promotion and conservation conceptual of the Manohra Art by authority administration of Local Government Organization in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. The Manohra is a folk art as identity of southern people has been inherited since ancient times. Theatrical is a masterpiece of dance mixed with music composed of drums, cymbals, cymbals and Javanese clarinet, where the performers can apply their dances with their minds. Manohra Performing Arts is preserved by the transfer of knowledge by the Nora Teacher. Through faith and ritual, the continuation or conservation of the intercourse strictly. Without a record. Most of the trainees are members of the conservative family who follow the age range. Situation of promotion and conservation of Manohra Art of Local Government Nakhon Sri Thammarat Budget allocations for cultural activities and programs may be subject to balance. The new generation of people have a different understanding and appreciation of traditional cultural values. In practice, it was found. The availability of teaching and learning systems. There are many limitations. The Manohra Curriculum has been added to promote and preserve Manohra Art can not do as well as it should.  Nakhonratchasima Province may set policies to promote and preserve the art of Manohra. To promote the performing arts of the local government. Using the school as a tool to promote and preserve the art of Manohra performances of local government organizations.


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