Science Communication in the Water Cultural Context in Thailand and Laos

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Sukchai Sompongpun
Kotchanipha Udomthawee


         This article explores the lifestyle Khong Chi Mun in the water cultural context. Science communication as a tool for perception, awareness, cognitive knowledge, to promote forest and water in community. The study collected data from field depth interviews and questionnaires, used a cultural anthropology research method. The result of study by two-way communication and Transformative Learning found that Thailand and Lao PDR. Laos is recognized and realized "Water is Life".  Community grants are an important natural fish and trees big. The tradition of water  culture built a good relationship between a government and the community, So that  everyone's esteem and respect for its traditions associated with Buddhism which causing network conservation and participatory.  Problem can the solution with the Four Noble Truths. Science communication is a tool for creating a strong community. The principles are in accordance with the concept of King’s Philosophy. Community Development is accomplished  From then need to understand development.


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