Management Model for Small Hotels in Thai-Lao Border in Ubon Ratchathani Province

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Jedsada Kowsurat
Kitirat Sihaban
Chompunoot Morachat


The research aimed to study the management model for small hotels in Thai-Lao border in Ubon Ratchathani province. Randomly selected sample group of the study included 375 subjects. The research instruments were questionnaires, focus groups and model evaluation. Collected data were analyzed by using mean, standard deviation, and content analysis. The research findings were as follows: The model comprised 4 elements including principle, objective, operation and success condition. 1) Principle referred to effective operation of small hotel entrepreneurs in terms of management, service, personnel and marketing. 2) Objective was to effectively manage small hotels in the aforementioned aspects. 3) Operation consisted of effectively running the hotels in four aspects: 3.1) management through systematic management, structured management, internal coordination, quality control services, development of resource management capabilities, participation, and situation management; 3.2) service management through service models, preparation of services, service operations, service quality, location and building, facility, and security; 3.3) personnel management through positioning personnel, recruitment, motivating personnel, coordinating personnel, human resources development, and promoting self-development of personnel; 3.4) marketing management through marketing potential, distribution channel, customer relationship, accommodation price, marketing promotion, finance, and business networking. 4) Success conditions involved the following: managers focusing on effective management and performance, all personnel cooperating and following the plan in full force, the hotels coordinating with relevant networks, and government supporting small hotels in various aspects to sustain their businesses which generate income to the local.


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