A Study On The Succeeding in Operating of The Women’s Roles Development Fund: The Case Study of Chonnabot District, Khon Kaen Province

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Wongmapa Namwong
Siwach Sripokangkul


          A study of the succeeding in operating of the Women’s Roles Development Fund: A case study of Chonnabot District, Khon Kaen Province has performed for the objectives are: 1) The Succeeding of the operation of the Women's Roles Development Fund, 2) Problems and obstructions of Women’s roles development and 3) the appropriate guidelines for Women’s roles development. The Qualitative Methodology has been used for the study. Qualitative data were collected through interviewing and including analyzing recorded data. Fourteen interviewees were randomly drawn from the Fund. They are 8 of Chairman’s, 4 of members, 1 of committee the Fund and a provincial officer of the Community Development Department. The results of this study were found. The targets of the Fund to promote women’s role in all segments and empower for their occupation by providing low interest loans for members to handle their work. The low interest loans are provided to member who submitted a project to the Khon Kaen Provincial Committee with accepted by the committee. A Fund member’s in Chonnabot district had presented their Silk Weaving Program to the Provincial Committee. The program has been approved under the Silk Weaving Promotion Program and provided fund for program operations. They spent the loan for raw material or weaving tools or circulation capital. The loans provided succeed and continue in their jobs. According to the succeeding of the Fund in the aspects of memberships, their income gained more from primary careers. They can make payment back to the loan on a specified period and affected to the self-reliance. The ultimate target then can look after their family and better acceptable form community. For the main problem and obstructer of managing the Fund is lacking of payment back to the loan for many projects. On the encouraging the Fund can be divided into 3 aspects as follow. 1) The district officers must carefully review of each member background for better benefit of programs.    2) The chairman have to monitoring each loan projects with a good instructive guide to member and 3) members must pay back to the Fund regularly.


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