Factors Influencing Creative Community-Based Tourism Management

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Rattiya Promkan
Phrathep pariyattimedhi
Naiyana Girdwichai


This research was aimed to synthesis factors that influence the creative community-based tourism management. This is a documentary research by the qualitative synthesis. Which is consistent with the work that the researcher is studying as a base by content analysis and synthetic, interpretive approach and presentation of the results in a hierarchical analysis. The research findings revealed that: 1) Factors of participation, is the voluntary participation of the people and stakeholders. To lead the planning process and decision making include implementation benefits, planning and thinking. 2) Factors of tourism resources, is a tourist attraction that exists in both naturally occurring areas and what the community created include amenities, activities, attraction and place. 3) Factors of marketing, is activity that affects the decision to travel and satisfied, include communication channel, network and public relations. 4) Creative Community-based tourism, is community-based tourism management has an element of participation. And tourism resources through the management process, include reciprocating, experiencing, appreciating and learning.


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