21ST Century Teaching Techniques

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Vasanchai Kakkeaw
Thanyathep Sitthisua


The 21st century is a world of advanced-information technology especially the Internet that has brought the world to a tight fit of time and place which is called as “global”. Because of the advanced-information technology, people in the global village can perceive and learn indefinitely, which is both true (fact) and virtual (virtual community) through social media. This phenomenon is known as “Open Theory” where people in open society know each other openly and are agile to change. Those who will survive will need to have the 21st century learning skills which known as “3R8Cs”. According to the 3R8Cs, 3R is meant to reading, arithmetic, and writing. The 8Cs is referred to critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, cross–cultural understanding, collaboration, teamwork and Leadership, communications, information and media literacy, computing and ICT literacy, career and learning skills, and compassion.

         As a result, the 21st century learning skills to develop learners must go through a quality educational process. This could be done by changing from teaching to memorize and answer questions to learning activities that help to improve learning skills by using 1) a smart classroom, 2) a discussion group, 3) a flipped classroom, 4) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics : STEM, 5) CDIO (Conceive Design Implement Operate), 6) a learning management system : LMS, 7) MOOC (Massive Open Online Courseware), 8) a web board instructional technique, 9) a natural room, 10) a mobile learning), and 11) a reading instruction through the 5W3H technique


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