TELL Implementation in English Language Teaching and Learning

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Oranuch Puangsuk


Technology-enhanced language learning (TELL) has been implemented in language education for decades, and current literature has labelled TELL as beneficial in promoting language development. This research paper reveals how TELL can be adapted to facilitate the English language learning of university students in an ESP course in Thailand. As a qualitative case study, this research utilises different data sources, namely, interviews, student journals, and relevant documents to identify emerging themes and enhance triangulation. The findings in this paper point out some of the advantages of using TELL, especially video production, to reinforce language development, motivation, thinking skills, autonomy, teamwork, and enjoyment. Additionally, doing group projects supports students’ English through their collaborative interactions and engagement in productive activities. The findings of this study shed light on existing benefits to and further developments of the activities utilising TELL for scaffolding English language teaching and learning. 


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