Analysis of impact of COVID-19 pandemic on airlines business and future trend of airlines business in the post pandemic period

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Jutarat Laophram
Nutthapong Prakobkandee
Chuleewan Praneetham


 The aviation industry has experienced many crises including the economic crisis or the pandemic crisis. According to the history, the industry recovered from the crisis within a year. However, the COVID-19 outbreak crisis, which was originally from the People’s republic of China in the late 2020 to world, is considered the most severe crisis compared to other crises in the history. The outbreak affects all industries. The airline business is one of the first businesses which has heavily been affected due to the travelling limitation and border closing policy in each country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, relevant departments have issued both short-term and long-term measures to limit and prevent the spread of the infection. The purpose of this academic paper is to analyze crises that occurred in the past and their effects on the aviation industry; the impacts of COVID-19 on airlines business; the trend of airlines business after the pandemic; and the short-term and long-term measures owing to the outbreak of COVID-19


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Laophram จ., Prakobkandee ณ. ., & Praneetham ช. . (2021). Analysis of impact of COVID-19 pandemic on airlines business and future trend of airlines business in the post pandemic period. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Suratthani Rajabhat University, 13(1), 112–135. Retrieved from
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