Conditions and Problems of Teaching and Learning Chinese in Public Schools at Secondary Level in the Southern Region

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พิชัย แก้วบุตร


The purpose of this research is to study the management of Chinese teaching – learning problems of the public schools, secondary level, of the southern region in Thailand. The meeting was held to gather data from Chinese teachers and interview to get all deep details from ten sample schools in eight provinces.

The research revealed that the main problems of Chinese teaching – learning management of the public schools, secondary level, of the southern region at the whole picture are 1) number of learning period 2) teachers 3) textbooks and 4) measurement and evaluation. These four factors are the long period problems that are solved and developed continuously. Besides that, other problems that affected to the Chinese development in the southern region consisted of 1) policy problems from the central agency 2) problems of Chinese teachers in all aspects  3) problems of the cooperation and support from various organizations and  4) problems of the school curriculum for the southern regional area, the last problem should be solved urgently.


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