Chord Tone : the Basis for Practice Electric Guitar in the Jazz Blues Style

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Sippapas Tanjana


 This article has an objective to present the use of chords for practicing electric guitar in a Jazz Blues style. It starts from the practice of chord tone based on the circle of fourth with all 4 categories, namely Dominant seventh chord, Minor seventh chord, Minor seventh flat five chord and Diminished seventh chord. The approach is applied to practice electric guitar in chord progression with Jazz Blues form in the major keys. Chord tone is used as a guideline to build melody and give an instrumental performance to practice a song of “Bags Groove” of Milt Jackson. The results of the practice with using chord tone as presented in this article bring about developing skills for each type of chord as mentioned above. Moreover, these methods of practice can be applied for other songs in the form belonging to the major key Jazz Blues style.


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ASAKIT, B., & Tanjana, S. . (2019). Chord Tone : the Basis for Practice Electric Guitar in the Jazz Blues Style. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Suratthani Rajabhat University, 11(2), 247–272. Retrieved from
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