Krumor Nora Worship ritual in Trang Province

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Santichai Yammai


 The objectives of the present study of the Krumor Nora worship ritual in Trang Province are 1) to study the Krumor Nora worship ritual in Trang Province and 2) to study the value of the Krumor Nora worship ritual in Trang Province. This study is a qualitative research with analytical
descriptive method. The participants were 9 key leader noras. The data was collected by means of non-participant observation and participatoryobservation. Formal and informal interviews were also conducted. Triangular data verification was employed.The research found that Krumor Nora worship ritual in TrangProvince was organized to fullfil the contract, make a votive offering, and ask for forgiveness from Krumor Nora. The ritual period was 3 days, starting on Wednesday evening and ending on Friday evening. The identity found only in Krumor Nora worship ritual in Trang Province included playing music called “Sam Chab Sam Teung”, preparation rituals called “Tang Ban Tang Muang ritual” on Wednesday evening, Krumor Nora possession occurring before Thursday noon, the novel show about Krai Thong and Manora, and the treatment of skin diseases with magic. There were also many rituals and unique practices. Regarding the value of the Krumor Nora worship rituals in Trang Province, it was found to be able to respond to beliefs, people'semotions. It was a social rule and a tool for living as well.


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