The Themes on Nature in the young adult fiction of "Baan Chai Thung"

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Wanthira Wirawan


 This academic article focuses on the concept of nature as a theme in the story Baan Chai Thung, a novel intended for young adults by Chaya Choosuwan. Two pervasive and mutually supporting themes are interwoven throughout the story's development: 1) Nature as provider; and 2) Humanity's relationship to nature. As a provider, Earth can sustainably provide for all of our material needs indefinitely provided humans utilize the bounty
appreciatively and with care. In terms of our relationship to nature, humans can live happily and fulfilling lives provided they understand, as they did in the distant past, that they are part of nature rather than separating from it. The story's two themes serve to foster and raise an ecological consciousness among young readers and by so doing teach them how to develop behaviours that are more congruent, balanced and eco-supportive than what has
characterized generations in Thailand's recent past.


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