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Krissanakan Singnoi
Thidarat Chumjungreed


This research article aims to 1) Study the beliefs of Sri–Uma Devi in Thai society and 2) Create works of Sri–Uma Devi painting in Idealism that correspond to the Thai society context in 4 regions. The collected information taken from the legend of Sri Uma Devi or Parvati or the Mother Goddess in Hinduism, the goddess of Supreme power and fertility in Hindu beliefs, and the beliefs, rituals, and art that show respect for the sacred things with her in Thai society. To create paintings in idealistic art with surreal compositions and adapt various incarnations of her according to the Thai lifestyle in each region. Creates concrete symbols of faith through the shapes and gestures of humans, animals, and all offerings. The use of free form and colors reflects faith in her as if spiritual anchor in times of suffering and rituals of multicultural beliefs in Thai society.


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Singnoi, K. . ., & Chumjungreed, T. (2024). THE UMA DEVI PAINTING IN IDEALISM ART. Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts, 6(1), 39–51. Retrieved from
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