The Effect of the Promotion Health Program to Enhance Mind Healthy Life for Elderly Following the Main Buddhist

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Titiya Netwong
Ratchadaphorn Thirawan


            The objectives of this research were to study the status of promoting health for the  The objectives of this research were to study the status of promoting health for the elderly following the main Buddhist, to develop and to study the effect of the promotion health program for elderly following the main Buddhist. The sample was used for the study as follows: 1) 400 elderly people in Bangkok and 5 elderly people in interviews. 2) 7 specialists for interviews on health promotion for the elderly and 7 experts for the focus group. 3) 31 elderly people participated in promotion health program following the main Buddhist. The results of the study were as follows: 1) conditions to promote healthy aging by Buddhist overall performance level was at the highest level. Considering the concept of Buddhist principles for health promotion following the path of accomplishment, the overall performance level was at a high level. 2) The health promotion program for the elderly based on the path of accomplishment of Buddhist. It was driven by physical, emotional, social and intellectual aspects, the reason to cover each side. The user could use the program easily and understand the path of accomplishment of Buddhist. There were a variety of activities to choose from for the elderly and all aspects. 3) The promotion health program for the elderly following the main Buddhist was found to be at a high level. The most practical activity was praying, meditate, and walk follow the instructions to use the program to promote the health of the elderly according to Buddhists. The promotion health program for elderly following the main Buddhist should have a variety of activities in according to the elderly community. The promotion health program must an alternative for the elderly to be able to practice appropriately with their own health and according to the digital age.


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