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Supharada Kunhanate


The purpose of this research was to study the problems and solutions of laws in Thailand on the safety and security in public beach areas, namely the enactment of a new law especially in order to address the aforementioned problems truly and directly. Due to the problems that Thailand has been facing for a long time, this always cause of loss. These kinds of problem affect the reliability of safety and security in these areas, and lead to damage in the image of the government's management. The fact is that Thailand does not have a law that can comprehensively solve the problem, causing Thailand to be unable to control the damage and loss; moreover, this will affect the tourism economy. When comparing to those in other countries, safety and security are found to be very important to them, which appears through the law that enacts to take care and prevent problems in safety and security specifically, whether it is Jamaica, Republic of South Africa, Australia, or United State of America (Florida), in order to have units and lifeguard to look after the safety and security of those who come to use the service in the area along with the growth of the country. According to the related studies, it was revealed that there were the problems, limitations, obstacles and solutions of laws in Thailand, and it was found that Thailand's problems arise from the lack of specific laws on safety and security in the public beach areas. Therefore, it is suggested that Legislation to ensure safety and security in public beach areas must be enacted directly, in order to maintain the benefits of people and the interests of Thailand as much as possible.


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