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Pamorn Khantahat
Karunluck Bahalayodhin
Sansern Intharat
Wutilert Devakul
Benyasiri Ngamsaad


The objectives of this research were : 1) to study level of solid waste in Namai sub district administrative organization, 2) to compare solid waste and 3) to propose solid waste management guideline in Namai sub district administrative organization lat Lum kaeo district Pathumthani Province. The research methodology was a quantitative. The conceptual framework of the study was created using research of Somjed Samard. The study population were 5,020 people who had aged 18 years old up and lived. The sample size was 370 people and determined by Taro Yamane. The research instrument was questionnaire. The reliability of the questionnaire was .87. The statistic used for data analysis included percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test and One way ANOVA. The study results revealed that  1) solid waste level management  as a whole was at moderate level. When considering each aspect from the highest to the lowest found that s aspects were at much level as activity support aspect was the highest average, followed by participation aspect and 2 aspects were at moderate level. 2) Compare solid waste management in Namai sub district administrative organization that classified by personal qualification found that people who lived in Namai sub district administrative organization with different genders, ages, educational levels, incomes, occupations and living periods in this area were opinions no difference on solid waste management in Namai sub district administrative organization without the hypothesis setting and 3) Propose solid waste management in Namai sub district administrative organization , it found that  Namai sub district administrative organization should be done as follows:1. should provide more waste trucks, 2.Should inform the date and time of garbage collection clearly, 3.Need to have training on waste separation knowledge.


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Khantahat, P. ., Bahalayodhin, K. ., Intharat, S. ., Devakul, W. ., & Ngamsaad, B. . (2022). SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN NAMAI SUB DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION LAT LUM KAEO DISTRICT, PATHUMTHANI PROVINCE. Journal of MCU Nakhondhat, 9(5), 50–62. Retrieved from
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