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Pongmanut Deeod


          The purpose of this academic article is to study learning management for students or to response for student’s development during the spread of Corona Virus Disease: COVID - 19 which highly impacts on education system. Many government schools and private schools, whether they are in Thailand, the USA, China and so on that are facing with the virus, it is obviously that COVID - 19 disease can spread and be infected by respiration system. Only coughing, sniffing or speaking can induce the particles of viruses to be infected by another who stays close to. Therefore, in order to protect this spreading and reduce the infection rate, World Health Organization (WHO) has created a campaign for people to keep at least 1-meter distance from another, and always thoroughly wash their hands by alcohol or soap, etc.

          Due to the spreading of Corona Virus Disease: COVID - 19, the new normal situation has been created under the education system. In other words, students cannot come to school to study as usual because if there is a class in any institution, it will be considered as people grouping which increases the opportunity for the virus spreading and infection. Hence, the home school education format in Thailand, which is certified by the constitution, can be created. Moreover, it is the education format that is beneficial to reduce the rate of COVID - 19 spreading because families can prepare lessons for their children and can support the skills required of their children to match with individuals. This is considered to be a way for human resource development which is valuable and safe.


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