Perception of Marketing Communication and University Choice Intention of Generation Z in Bangkok


  • Pitchpatu Waiyachote University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand


Generation Z, Marketing Communication, Perception, Choice Intention


This study, which is part of the research titled “Perception of Marketing Communication towards Lifestyle and University Choice Intention in the Opinion of Generation Z in Bangkok” examined Generation Z's perception of marketing communication of universities and intention to choose a university. This study used a qualitative method to obtain key informants' rich understanding of the study topic. The semi-structured interviews with 20 Thai high school students in Bangkok, ages ranging from 15 to 18 were conducted to capture the primary data. The study revealed that Generation Z students were aware of marketing communication implemented by universities. Generation Z understood that these institutions aimed to create awareness and recruit future students. Once the content gained their attention, they usually searched the Internet for more information. They also enjoyed engaging in marketing communication activities that were beneficial for them. Although Generation Z claimed that they intended to choose a university based on their own decision, they were likely to be influenced by e-word of mouth from their reference groups, such as online influencers and peers.


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