Peer Review Process


      1. Initial screening

                The manuscript will be evaluated by 2 editorial board members and editor in chief. The topics of evaluation are 1) the manuscript fits the aim and scope of the journal 2) the similarity percentage should not be higher than 25% and 3) the format of manuscript.
               If the manuscript doesn’t pass this stage, author (s) will be asked to revise the manuscript before submitting again.
               If the manuscript is not well formatted, author will be asked to reformat and resubmit.
               If the manuscript passes this stage, the manuscript will undergo peer review process. (1-3 days)

      2. Reviewers assignment

                The editorial board will select 5-6 reviewers with expertise in the field of the manuscript to review the manuscript. (1-3 days)

      3. Peer review

               Reviewers will give suggestions and choose between these choices of revision: 1) Accept 2) Minor Revision 3) Major Revision and 4) Reject. JMSS adopted double blind review to ensure the transparency in this process. (14 days)

      4. Decision on the manuscript

               After receiving results and suggestions from 3 peer reviewers, the editorial board will assign the level of revision based on the results from peer reviewer. The levels of revision consist of 1) accept 2) minor revision 3) major revision and 4) reject. Level of revision and suggestions from reviewers and editorial board will be informed via ThaiJo to author (s) to revise in case that the manuscript is accepted for publication. (14 days)

      5. Revision

               The editorial board will check the revision by consider the revised manuscript with revision details provided by author (s).
               In case of minor revision, the editorial board will check whether or not the revision is complete, and then the editor in chief will make a final decision and issue letter of acceptance. (7 days)
               In case of major revision, after the manuscript has been revised, the manuscript will undergo peer review process again by the same or new reviewers.   (14 days)

      6. Publication

               The accepted manuscript will be formatted by the publisher (7 days). The draft of formatted article will be verified again by author (7 days). If there is no further revision, the article will be published on journal’s website. (7 days)