About the Journal

Aims and scope

Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences (JMSS) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish original articles, review articles, and book reviews within the multidisciplinary fields of social sciences. JMSS serves as a platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to disseminate their research findings and insights, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange. The journal welcomes contributions from diverse disciplines, including educational sciences, business, tourism and hospitality, management sciences, as well as other related fields such as linguistics, demographics, social and cultural studies, political sciences, law, communication arts, and economics.

Manuscripts with research contents from multiple subject fields under the aims and scope of the journal, and/or with presentation of potential applications of the research findings will be preferably considered for peer review. This should be explicitly explained in the cover letter when submitting manuscripts for publication.

Topics of interest for JMSS include:

Education: Research examining educational policies, practices, innovations, curriculum development, teaching methodologies, educational technology, educational psychology, and educational outcomes.

Tourism and Hospitality: Studies focusing on tourism management, destination marketing, hospitality operations, tourist behavior, sustainable tourism, cultural tourism, gastronomy tourism, event management, airline management, and hotel management.

Management: Research exploring business management, supply chain management, organizational behavior, leadership, human resource management, strategic management, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

Other related fields: Contributions related to linguistics, demographics, social and cultural studies, political sciences, law, communication arts, and economics are also encouraged.

All manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences must be plagiarism free and are not being considered and/or never been published elsewhere. Before being published,  manuscripts must be peer reviewed by at least 3 specialized reviewers via double blinded review system. All manuscripts accepted for publication are copyrighted by Suan Dusit University; reproduction, in whole or in part, requires written approval from Suan Dusit Unversity. Excluding errors incurred during the printing process, all content contained within articles is the author's responsibility.

Types of articles

  • Research articles;  

Articles that report the original research. Manuscript submitted should be original and have never been published elsewhere.

The manuscript should be organized and composed according to the required sequence of the journal:

  1. Title page (Author names, affiliations and addresses, email addresses of Corresponding 
  2. Introduction
  3. Objective(s)
  4. Conceptual Framework 
  5. Research Methodology 
  6. Result(s) 
  7. Discussion 
  8. Suggestion 
  9. Acknowledgments (if any) 
  10. References
  • Review articles; 

Articles that present the issues or topics with significant academic value. The articles should provide critical and comprehensive content of specific issues or topics, and the content should be organized in appropriate order for the reader to understand the topic clearly.

  • Book review;

Articles written to present, analyze and review the content and value of books. The articles should provide details of each book such as names of the authors, year of publication, edition, publisher's name and number of pages.

Review process

All manuscripts must be peer-reviewed by at least 3 specialized reviewers via double blinded review system. The details of the peer review process are given in the journal website for authors to study.

Publication Frequency 

The journal is published 3 issues per year.

  • No. 1: January to April 
  • No. 2: May to August 
  • No. 3: September to December


Since 2019, JMSS requires that all articles must be written in the English language with proper grammar and spelling.

Publication Charges 

All articles published in JMSS are free of charge.

Open Access Policy 

This journal provides open access to its content on the principle that makes research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. 

Printing House

Graphicsite 295 Nakhon Ratchasima Road, Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand 10300 Phone: +662 244 5080-2 Fax: +662 243 9113 

Copyright and Licensing

All manuscripts submitted for publication must be assigned copyright to Suan Dusit University. Reproduction, whether in whole or in part, requires written approval from Suan Dusit University. The author is responsible for the content of their articles, except for errors incurred during the printing process.

Revenue Sources

The entire publication process has no publication fee. The Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences (JMSS) solely relies on the support of Suan Dusit University to generate revenue and encourage scholars and researchers to publish their valuable works.


The Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences (JMSS) does not accept advertising revenue and does not display any paid advertisements. The Announcement section of the journal exclusively showcases relevant academic events. This feature aims to assist scholars and researchers in the field of Multidisciplinary social sciences by providing valuable resources and information about upcoming academic events of interest.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing activities, such as reaching out to researchers in relevant fields or maintaining good communication with our authors, are employed to promote journal research articles, reviews, and scholarly papers. Simultaneously, we prioritize ethical standards and ensure that the information provided is accurate and not overwhelming for recipients.

History of journal 

Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences (JMSS) was first published in 2004 under the name of SDU Research Journal Humanities and Social Sciences and continued for 14 years started from 2004 – 2018 (ISSN-print as 1905-2847 and ISSN-online as 2408-1582).

In 2019, the journal modified the aims and scope for clarification and changed the name to Journal of Multidisciplinary in Social Sciences with the new International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2672-9806 (Print) ISSN 2673-0235 (Online) and in 2016 (Vol.16), the journal published only in online version.